Pool & Spa Heaters

Pool & Spa Heaters

Pool & Spa HeatersSparkle Pool Service is here to serve. When speaking about Pool & Spa Heaters, we aim to please. We are the ones you can trust for Pool & Spa Heaters in Indianapolis, IN.

Solar Pool Heaters are very efficient in southern climates year-round and extends swim time in northern climates. By using existing pool pumps, this will will circulate the water through the heater. The heater is typically located on the rooftop or on a frame constructed in the yard. The heating requires a system equal to nearly most of the pool’s surface.

Electric Heat Pump amazingly, the electric heat pump is actually a form of solar energy. How is that possible? It is because the sun warms the air and that heat is pulled from the air. This warm air is pulled in, enhanced, and transferred into the water, requiring temperatures of approximately 60 degrees to properly function. Gas Pool Heaters use either propane or natural gas. Operating independently of outdoor temperature conditions, gas pool heaters burn the fuel within a combustion chamber all while your pool water runs through copper coils to then return to the pool warm.

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Our Pool and Spa Heaters are one of the reasons why the people of Indianapolis continue to utilize our services. We know that if we want your referrals and reviews, we are going to have to perform above and beyond the call of duty. When you hire us for Pool and Spa Heaters in Indianapolis, we really pull out all the stops. As a result, this ensures that you are 100% satisfied.

When you make Sparkle Pool Service your choice, you can be sure your troubles with Pool and Spa Heaters in Indianapolis, we’ll be behind you. We employ only the very best and most well trained technicians. As a company, we are constantly researching and refining to keep up to date on the latest advances in Swimming Pool Repairs, so we can pass our experience onto you, our customer. We offer services for the small and simple jobs, the large and complex ones and everything in between the two. Your Pool will be in the right hands when you choose Sparkle Pool Service.

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